MAP and EOC Testing 2015


From April 16-April 30, Francis Howell Middle School will be MAP testing.  The MAP is designed to test the skills and knowledge described in the Missouri Learning Standards (MLS)Assessments are designed to let teachers and parents know whether students are on track to be college and career ready when they graduate.


•    In 2015, the 3‐8 grade‐level assessments will be a computerized assessment for the first time.  Computerized tests are interactive.  They allow students to use computer tools to answer questions and solve problems, which brings a “real‐world” element to helping students develop the skills necessary for their future careers.

•    In 2015, there will be new grade‐level MAP tests for English and math.  It’s likely that fewer students will meet grade-level standards because of the higher expectations tested this year and a new online test format. These results show the tests are more demanding, not that students are doing worse.

•    Districts will administer online 5th and 8th-grade English language arts and mathematics assessments, which include performance events.  Performance events will give schools a fuller picture of student achievement in transition years from elementary to middle school and middle to high school.  Shorter online tests will be administered to the remaining grades to preserve instructional time.


The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) publishes a Guide to Interpreting Results (GIR) that provides additional detail about the content of the Individual Student Reports. The GIR for the Spring 2015 MAP Grade-Level Assessments will be available on the DESE website at when MAP Grade-Level Assessment Individual Student Reports are distributed. 


The schedule for Francis Howell Middle School is follows.  Please mark your calendars for these important dates!


  • 6th Grade ELA and Math – Thursday, April 16th
  • 7th Grade ELA and Math – Friday, April 17th
  • 8th Grade ELA, Math, and Science – Monday, April 20th-Wednesday, April 22nd
  • 8th Grade Algebra EOC – Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th
  • 8th Grade ELA and Math, Performance Task – Monday, April 27th-Thursday, April 30th 


Logo NSofC


Logo NSofC MO


Rooted in Character FHMS


Promising Practices


Mission and Vision Statement
Promote critical thinking
Improve academic achievement
Encourage positive character


FHMS will be a school where excellence is the expectations and character development is ingrained in all we do.

FHMS Commitment Statements (Values)

I will know each of my students and use differentiated strategies to challenge and motivate them.

I will use available data and work with the school community and parents to help all students succeed.

I will model, promote, and expect behaviors that ensure a positive, safe environment. I will willingly intervene in situations where good character is not evident.

I will continue to grow professionally and support my colleagues through observation, collaboration, refection, and research.

I will be actively involved in my PLC, my department and my team to improve academics, attendance and behavior for all students.

FHMS Goals

Goal #1 Improve Intellectually

Goal #2 Improve Attendance (fewer than 30 students absent each day)

Goal #3 Improve Behavior (fewer detentions, ISAP, and suspensions)

Goal #4 Improve Climate- Stronger sense of student belonging, autonomy and influence; stronger staff culture; more parent involvement.

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