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Thank you for checking this website for homework!  
***I need to switch to Schoology for what I usually put on this site, due to issues with this site.  I will no longer be updating this site.
Please click on the Schoology link below and log in to see class information and hw.
Click on "Class Info and Homework" Folder then click on the current week.  All students know how to log into Schoology and navigate through it! We have discussed this many times in class.
I will be emphasizing this in class to students this week so that students can start going to Schoology for class info and hw.  :) 

Our Access Code is 9F42V-BCBSQ 
I also use Schoology as a format for what we are covering in class as well as links to interactive sites, resources, and documents.

What are we doing this week in Science?

Monday, 3/7/16:  Today, we worked on Science Fair topic, category/branch of Science, question, and rationale.
HW:  Rationale paragraph due Wed. (I will be at a meeting all day on Tuesday, 3/8/16.)

Tuesday, 3/8/16: (I will be out of the building this day.)  Textbook work on Ch. 13, Weather. We will be working on this packet this week while doing Science Fair so it will not be homework.  I will be meeting with each student over the next few days in class to discuss their project and variables.
HW:  Rationale paragraph due Wed., 3/9/16 

Wednesday - Friday, 3/9/16-3/11/16:  
Work on Science Fair and Ch. 13 Weather packet;  individual conferencing with students about Science Fair projects during class
HW:  none


I enjoyed talking with each of you during Conferences!
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me!

What are we doing this week in Science:

Monday, 2/15/16:  (No School/President's Day)

Tuesday, 2/16/16:  Reviewed 12-1 Earth's Atmosphere (5 Layers, special features of each, air pressure properties, and temperature patterns).  We also discussed 12-2 Heat Transfer and how energy from the Sun is transferred to Earth.  We then worked on 12-2 Reading Outline, only parts "A" and "B".
Quiz coming next Tuesday!

Wed., 2/17/16:  We continued to discuss Earth's Atmosphere layers and their properties as well as continue discussion about Heat Transfer and how the Sun's energy is transferred through our Atmosphere.  PowerPoint Notes over 12-1 (extra notes) were given (accessible through Schoology/Unit 3/Ch. 12/Lesson 12-1.
We also discussed topics for a quiz Tuesday over 12-1 and 12-2.
Students were then given a little bit of work time to complete the Reading Outline up to part "F".  
***Quiz Tuesday over 12-1 and 12-2 (Earth's Atmosphere, layers, air pressure, and heat transfer) - start studying from your diagram of the 5 layers!

Thursday, 2/18/16:  Lesson on 12-2 Heat Transfer continued...PowerPoint Notes will be handed out for reference (they are on the back of the 12-1 "extra notes" PowerPoint hand-out).  The PowerPoint notes are also accessible through Schoology/Unit 3/Chapter 12/Lesson 12-2.  We will also begin an activity on Heat Transfer.
***Study 10-15 min. for Quiz Tuesday over 12-1, 12-2 (Earth's Atmosphere, layers, air pressure, and heat transfer).

Friday, 2/19/16:  Finish lesson and activity on Heat Transfer.  Afterwards, students will be drawing examples of Heat Transfer from simulations into their Comp. Book (in Schoology/Unit 3/Ch. 12/Lesson 12-2).  
***Quiz Tuesday over 12-1, 12-2 --- see topics above --- increase studying time to 25-30 min.!


What are we doing this week in Science:
Monday, 1/25/16, and Tuesday, 1/26/16:  I was out with the flu :(
Students received the Study Guide Monday;  
Students were able to check/correct/add/change their answers compared to the Answer Key given in class on Tuesday

Wednesday, 1/27/16:  Reviewed Superposition and Unconformities; also worked on Inquiry Skills (IV, DV, constants, appropriate title:  The Effect of IV on DV)

Thursday, 1/28/16:  last bit of review, videoclip  or book review if time

Friday, 1/29/16:  written part of Summative (7 questions---you can do this!)
Multiple Choice part on computers on Monday
HW:  Study and Review your Study Guide and Answer Key from Schoology or Remind documents!   

This is a short week but let's make it the BEST!
What are we doing this week in Science?

(Monday, 1/18/16: MLK Holiday/No School)

Tuesday, 1/19/16: Review/Discussion of Superposition of Rock and vocab (relative age, absolute age, Law of Superposition), check and correct hw/discuss sequence of rock layers and magma intrusions, Summative on Jan. 28 and 29

(Wednesday, 1/20/16:  Snow Day/No School)

Thursday, 1/21/16:  continue Superposition lesson and vocab reviews, emphasizing the effects of intrusions; correct and discuss hw; Superposition practice #3
HW:  Finish Superposition practice #3, Summative Jan. 28 and 29 

Friday, 1/22/16:  More practice on Superposition and Unconformities
HW:  Summative next Thursday and Friday, Jan. 28 and 29


Welcome Back!  This is the second week of the 3rd Quarter!  Let's make it the BEST!  :)

So, what are we doing this week in Earth Science?  Fossils and Superposition of Rock!

Monday, 1/11/16:  Today, we reviewed our objectives of what fossils are, which parts of living things become fossils, and describing the different types of fossils (some partner work/some Comp Book work/some Kahoot work)
HW:  Summative Assessment over Weathering, Erosion, Fossils, and Superposition of Rock (plus review of Inquiry Skills as usual) coming next week...start studying tonight!  15-20 minutes every night---we made a list Friday of papers and notes to study;  official Study Guide coming soon

Tuesday, 1/12/16:  Lesson with Ms. Weiss---postponed until Thursday; continued lessons with Superposition of Rock Layers, Summative will be on Jan. 28-29

Wednesday, 1/13/16:  Superposition of Rock
HW:  finish "Who Dunit?" practice/Superposition; study for Summative for 15-20 min. from list we made in class, Summative Jan. 28-29

Thursday, 1/14/16:  Lesson with Ms. Weiss/Mrs. Nieder for 7th Grade Registration!  :)  
HW:  (same as Wed.):  "Who Dunit It?"/Superposition Mystery practice
study for Summative for 15-20 min. from list we made in class; Summative Jan. 28-29

Friday, 1/15/16:  Superposition of Rock review and discussion, continued; practice #2 (back of "Who Dunit It")
HW:  back side of "Who Dunit It" --- practice 
on Superposition of Rock Layers/number rock layers from oldest to youngest #1-9; Summative Jan. 28-29
*I am hoping Study Guides will be back 
by Friday---this will still give students a week before the test
Wednesday, 1/6/16:  Review 2nd Qtr Grades; Quarterly Inquiry Formative #2 of 4 (not counted against grade/just looking for progress); work on Shoreline Erosion Sand Lab and Shoreline Erosion Questions
Homework:  Shoreline Erosion Lab and Q's due Friday, 1/8/16

Thursday, 1/7/16:  Intro to Fossils mini-unit (think/pair/share/group work); fossils discussion/examples of types of fossils passed around in class
Homework:  Shoreline Erosion Lab and Q's are due tomorrow!

Friday --- to be announced due to lab time/computer time needed for other activity...
(We worked on Identifying Types of Fossils.)


This week, we will be continuing our study on Weathering, Erosion, Deposition as well as Soil Development.

Monday, 12/7/15:  Today, we reviewed Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition and how they affect Earth's surface.  Students continued sketches and summary statements in their Comp. Book using the Erosion Game that simulates before and after erosion has taken place. 
HW:  7th hour only:  complete first side of 5-1 Outline;  all hours:  Late Work only, such as Ch. 5 and 6 Vocab that was due Friday and the 5-1 Outline.

This week, we are beginning our new unit on Weathering, Erosion, and Soil Development!

Monday, 11/30/15:  Today, we completed a reflection on our Minerals, Rocks, and Plate Tectonics Summative Assessment and discussed correct answers on the Summative. In some classes, we had enough time to discuss "weathering" and the effects of weathering.  
HW:  Ch. 5 & 6 Vocab (all parts) due Friday.  

Tuesday, 12/1/15:  We will be completing a reading Outline for Section 5-1 (Chapter 5, Lesson 1) with a quick demo on
mechanical vs. chemical weathering.  
HW:  Finish 5-1 Outline for homework;
also, complete Ch. 5 & 6 Vocab (all parts) due Friday

Wednesday, 12/2/15:  Notes Day:  We will be taking notes on the Differences between Mechanical and Chemical Weathering, including key vocab terms (should help with vocab hw) in our Comp. Books.  
HW:  Vocab for Ch. 5 & 6 Weathering and Erosion is due (all parts) Friday.

Thursday, 12/3/15:  Computer Day:  This computer lesson is a virtual lab on Weathering and the differences between Mechanical vs. Chemical Weathering.  
HW:  Vocab for Ch. 5 & 6 Weathering and Erosion is due (all parts) Friday.

Friday, 12/4/15:  Computer or Lab Day---please visit site again this week for update;  if students finish the virtual lab for Weathering, we will be doing a lab on Mechanical vs. Chemical Weathering.  :)
HW:  if lab day, then hw is to finish lab questions---due Monday

This short week, we will be finishing up some loose ends on Rocks and beginning our new unit on Weathering.

Monday, 11/23/15:  Today, we discussed our Assessments and finished up our Brain Pop Activity on Types of Rocks (students did a great job on this!), and there was also some time to work on our vocab.
Homework:  Weathering Vocab, 1st Column only (book definitions), are due tomorrow;
the rest of the Vocab assignment will probably be due the Friday we return after Thanksgiving (unless postponed---please check for updates next week).

Tuesday, 11/24/15:  We will be going over our Rocks, Minerals, and Plate Tectonics Summative Assessments in detail.  Students will be able to see what they missed and why. They already know their assessment grade, but it might increase a few points due to 2 mistakes in the "MasteryConnect" system (which will be good news!).
HOMEWORK:  (are you kidding???) ...

This week, we have been working on Renewable vs. Non-renewable Resources and getting ready for our Summative Assessment over Minerals, Rocks, and Plate Tectonics.

Monday, 11/16/15:  Students were given time to access Schoology and the Answer Key to the Study Guide that I uploaded for the Assessment. The Answer Key was also sent through Remind texts.  Students are to check the Answer Key, add/delete/change/etc. as needed.
Students also were given time to read 18-3, Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources and made a T-chart of examples of each.
HW:  Study Answer Key and Study Guide for Assessment

Tuesday, 11/17/15:  18-3, Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources hand-out
HW:  finish 18-3 ws; study Answer Key and Study Guide for Assessment

Wednesday, 11/18/15:  Practice on IV, DV, constants, and other Inquiry skills
HW:  study Answer Key and Study Guide for Assessment

Thursday, 11/19/15:  Written Portion of Assessment (see Study Guide for topics/specifics)

Friday, 11/20/15:  Multiple Choice Part of Assessment (see Study Guide for topics/specifics)

Homework for the week:
Chapter 4 Rocks Vocabulary Assignment was given to all students on Wed., 10/28/15, and is due NEXT Friday, 11/6/15.  

Monday, 10/26/15:  Review Minerals topics, Bar Graph Rules, Variables for Assessment

Tuesday, 10/27/15:  Assessment

Wednesday, 10/28/15:  Finish Assessment

Thursday, 10/29/15:  3 Types of Rocks Computer Simulation/Exploration

Friday, 10/30/15:  3 Types of Rocks Computer Simulation/Exploration, continued



Tuesday, 10/20/15:  Finish Minerals Testing Lab; review properties of minerals

Wednesday, 10/21/15:  Review sheet given out and discussed for Minerals Formative;  review properties of minerals

Thursday, 10/22/15:  Reviewed for Minerals Assessment;  Pre-Test on Scientific Method

Friday, 10/23/15:  Variables and Bar Graphs



Monday, 10/5/15:  Intro to Minerals, continued discussion; Mineral Physical Properties and Uses video (some classes, not all); Cleavage vs. Fracture Activity 
Homework:  none, unless you owe late work (Density Gizmo; Ch. 7 Plate Tectonics Vocab; Ch. 3 Minerals Vocab; Ch. 3 Minerals ws hw)

Tuesday, 10/6/15:  Cleavage vs. Fracture Discussion;  Correct Minerals Video Questions; Correct Ch. 3 ws if time
Homework:  none, unless you have to re-do the Density Quiz and complete Density review packet or if you have any late work (see list above in Monday hw for possible late work)  

 ***All late work mentioned above must be turned in by this Thursday, 10/8/15, for it to be counted for this quarter; otherwise, it will be counted as missing and calculated as 0  :(

Wednesday, 10/7/15:  Correct Density Cubes Lab;  Cleavage vs. Fracture Lab if no re-do work needed  
Homework:  none, unless you owe me late work --- look above in Monday's hw for list of possible late work; ALL LATE WORK IS DUE BY THURSDAY, 10/8/15!  Density Re-do's TOMORROW, Thursday, 10/8/15!  Re-do Extra Packet of Density Practice due TOMORROW as well if D or F on quiz
Minerals Identification Lab in class  :)
No Homework

Friday, 10/9/15 Complete Minerals Identification Lab
No Homework...Have a wonderful and restful Fall Break!  See you on Oct. 20th!  :)


NEWS ALERT!!!  As I explained in class, I will be holding a study session/computer time Tuesday, 9/29/15 after school, 3:30 - 4:15, in our room.
I announced this in every class Monday.
Please have your ride here by 4:15.  
***Remember that I am here at school by 7:30 am so you can come to work on Science after 7:35 if you can come to school early anytime.  Thank you!!!

What are we doing this week???

Monday, 9/28/15:  Today, we reviewed what Density is and how to calculate it.  I modeled how to "show work" for Density calculations - this is required for any Density problems we ever do!  The rest of the class time was given to work on/finish Density Gizmo Simulation.
Homework:  1.)  Finish Density Gizmo---you may skip ALL of Activity C, which is the entire back page of the Gizmo packet.  If you do wish to complete it, Extra Credit!  :)
2.)  Density Quiz this Thursday---study notes from today + more practice coming tomorrow...

Tuesday, 9/29/15:  Density Cubes Lab (one of my favorites!)
Homework:  1.)  Density Practice Problems given in class after lab---you were given time to work on this, and we went over a few in detail on how to do the steps.
2.)  Density Quiz Thursday! Review formula and notes!

Wednesday, 9/30/15:  Density Practice Problems Due!
We will correct these in class.  Each student received an Answer Key with steps of how to solve each problem.  Afterwards, we used the time left over to work on our Density Cubes Lab.
Remember:  Density Quiz tomorrow!!!  Review formula, notes, practice problems, and the answer key!

Thursday, 10/1/15:  Density Quiz, Minerals Videoclip if time/looking at Minerals

Friday, 10/2/15:  Introduction to Minerals, work on Minerals, Chapter 3, Lessons 1 and 2, reading hand-out. 
Homework (originally posted for yesterday:  
Finish both sides of Minerals hand-out.  The first side (concept map) is over p. 77-83.  The second side (fill in the blank) is over 87-91.  Both sides are due Monday.

Other Important Information:

Supplies List for our Earth Science Class (same list as the 6th Grade Science that was posted for supplies):
1.)  Composition Book (either ruled or grid is fine)
2.)  Blue or Black Pen + Pencil at all times
3.)  Red Pen at all times
4.)  Highlighter at all times
5.)  Folder (just a 2-pocket one is fine) just for Science
6.)  1 Roll of Paper Towels (other roll goes to CC teacher) --- this is the only "shared" item on this list

All 6th grade students and parents:
Please join me in Remind Text Alerts!  
I use Remind as text alerts for class reminders, upcoming test dates, etc.

To receive messages via text,
text@zubersci to 81010.
You can opt outof messages at anytime byreplying, 'unsubscribe @zubersci'.
Trouble using 81010? Try texting@zubersci to (713) 893-0010instead.  

On-Line Textbook/e-book: Students will be receiving their access codes later this week for our on-line textbook:
Schoology Account:  I do have a Schoology Account with many important links for class use and home. Students will be practicing Schoology Thursday, 8/27/15 in class so that all students understand how to log into science and see the resources and activities in it.  :) 
Our Access Code is 9F42V-BCBSQ 
I use Schoology as a format for what we are covering in class as well as links to interactive sites and documents needed. 
Students will be able to access this site in class as well as home (with internet access).  Please have your son or daughter show you his/her Schoology account for Science/Zuber Course!



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