English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland:
Oct. 2-6

Monday: 1st hour--Narrative due Thursday 
Pre-AP--Read in "Roll of Thunder" to the bottom of page 226 

Tuesday: 1st hour-Narrative revision in class; due Thursday
Pre-AP-Finish reading Chapter 10; complete analysis questions if not finished in class

 Wednesday: 1st hour-Narrative due tomorrow-end of the hour
Pre-AP- Finish ​Roll of Thunder​ and answer the 15 multiple choice analysis questions for tomorrow 

Thursday:   1st hour--



Mrs. Korba
October 9-13

Monday:  "The Outsiders'

Tuesday:   "The Outsiders"

Wednesday:   The Outsiders movie

Thursday:  Looking At Failure From a Positive Learning Experience presented by Mr. and Mrs. Brzycki.

  The Outsiders movie.

Students will be required to read and take quizzes on two Mark Twain, Truman OR Gateway nominees by Decemeber 18th.

All students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night!!  

Students should be signing up for Book Talks!!!  Book  Talks are due December 18th.  Scoring guides can be found online.

Late work practices

  • Late work accepted until mid-term and then again until the end of quarter
  • NOTHING turned in--zero
  • When you turn something in--50% is lowest you will get; highest is 70% at all grade levels for late work.  

 Mrs. Davis (4b/c Hour only)

Monday 10/9-Students listened to a presentation by Mrs. Brzycki in class today about failing and moving forward.  We then read/watched "The Outsiders" up to chapter 11.  Those students that need to fix their papers were talked to in class today.  Their papers were also returned on Google Classroom and are due by Friday at the very latest.  There is not guaranteed extra work time in class for this. 

Grades will be posted to Google Classroom for personal narratives by Friday.

Tuesday 10/10- Students had time to work on their WANTED posters in class today.  We also read more in "The Outsiders." Wanted posters are due on Friday of this week!  All expectations have been given in paper form and are listed on our Google Classroom. All redos on personal narrative need to be resubmitted by Friday.

Homework: Continue to work on Wanted poster and remember that personal narrative redos are due on Friday.

Wednesday 10/11- Students had independent work time to continue work on WANTED posters and to fix personal narratives (if needed). All work is due Friday!

Thursday 10/12- Outsiders Ch. 11-WANTED poster work time and any late work was worked on in class today.

Friday 10/13- WANTED posters were due in class today.  Several students did not have them done.  They need to be completed over Fall Break in order to receive a score.  This information is on Google Classroom and students were given instructions in class.

Homework: READ and Finish WANTED poster-1st grade of 2nd quarter!

Homework: READ!

Parents!  Please checkout my Google Classroom!  You can have your child log in to show you access and you all have limited access to my classroom to view grades and important information!  Need more info?  Email me and I will help you!

Click here for the Link to Mrs. Davis's Google Classroom!

Mrs. Davis 2nd hour only-
Monday 10/9- Students did a review of everything we have covered as a class so far.  We also introduced personification (figurative language). The students are becoming "masters" of a topic.  Ask them about this tonight!

Tuesday 10/10- All 6th grade ELA students met in the library for a presentation on Failing Forward with Mrs. Brzycki.  No new homework tonight!  Ask your child about this presentation tonight!

Wednesday 10/11- Students completed more review of topics covered over the last three weeks.  New material will start after Fall break!  
Homework: Read 15 minutes a night!

Thursday and Friday 10/12-10/13- Students are participating in the Kindness Rocks project. They started painting their rocks today and will finish tomorrow to round out our quarter.  Bring in an extra rock tomorrow!

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