English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland:
Feb. 12-15

Monday: All Hours--Credible source Quiz in class; Book Fair/Library visit tomorrow
Pre-AP--work time after quiz on Q3 Book Talk in Google Classroom; book talk due March 2

Tuesday:  All Hours--Book Fair/Library visit in class. Start District Benchmark testing in class.

Wednesday:  ALL hours--Continue District Benchmark testing in class

Thursday: All hours--Counterargument work in class

Friday 2/16 and Monday 2/19--NO SCHOOL!

Mrs. Korba
February 5th-9th

Monday: Crime Scene Lesson:  "The Man in 1458."  Investigate and prepare for Socratic Seminar.  Students need to answer all of the questions and put their reasoning behind their evidence.
Tuesday:  Prepare for Socratic Seminar; go over Scoring Guide.
Wednesday:  Socratic Seminar  Student will be graded on listening and speaking skills.
Thursday:   Discuss Fake News/Websites
Friday:   Mr. B's lesson on Website Credibility.


Parent Teacher Conferences Thursday, February, 8th and Tuesday, February 13th! 

Students will be required to read and take quizzes on two Mark Twain, Truman OR Gateway nominees by March 2nd. 

All students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night!!  

Students should be signing up for Book Talks!!!  Book  Talks are due March 2nd.  Scoring guides can be found on Google Classroom. 

Late work practices

  • Late work accepted until mid-term and then again until the end of quarter
  • NOTHING turned in--zero
  • When you turn something in--50% is lowest you will get; highest is 70% at all grade levels for late work.  

 Mrs. Davis (4b/c Hour only)

Monday 2/12- Real or fake news presentation from our librarian, Mr. B..  Students will have a quiz over fake or real new sources next week.
Book fair and library visit is tomorrow!  Bring and cash if you would like to buy books.

Tuesday-Thursday 2/13-2/15- 7th grade benchmark testing!

Friday 2/16- No school.

Parents!  Please checkout my Google Classroom!  You can have your child log in to show you access and you all have limited access to my classroom to view grades and important information!  Need more info?  Email me and I will help you!

Click here for the Link to Mrs. Davis's Google Classroom!

Mrs. Davis 2nd hour only-
Monday 2/12- Students reviewed and added new 6th grade ELA vocabulary note cards today.  They wrote their daily email and will now be doing corrections for any grammatical or convention based errors. 

Tuesday 2/13- Students had a lesson over the differences between foreshadowing and flashback in class today.  We added our new vocabulary to our ELA note cards and had tie on Quizlet.

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