English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland:
Jan. 8-12

Monday: All classes began learning terms for argumentative writing. Be sure to have library books for tomorrow.

Tuesday:  All classes went to library and were given the list of 51 literature terms for the semester. The literature term test will be on Feb. 2.

Wednesday:  Finish first practice with argumentative writing in class. 
PRE-AP:   Checked out books for Lit. Circle groups.  Use reading plan bookmark for assigned reading.

Thursday:  Reading time in class.  Began second argumentative practice with 'crime scene' cartoon investigation of "Kidnap".  Keep up with reading assignments.

Friday:  In class work on gathering clear evidence and writing a strong claim and reasoning for "Kidnap" argument.  1st hour reading assignment for week 1 needs to be completed for Tuesday. Pre-AP reading assignment for week 1 needs to be completed for Wednesday.

Mrs. Korba
December 11-15

Monday: Complete Q2 Assessment
Tuesday:   Review/Identify  Parts of Speech  Intro. to "One Pager" Assignment.
Wednesday:  Review Theme   "One Pager" Assignment
Thursday:  Review how to cite an excerpt.  "One Pager" Assignment
Friday: "One Pager" Presentations.

December 18-21st

Students will be required to read and take quizzes on two Mark Twain, Truman OR Gateway nominees by December 19th!  DEADLINE extended!

All students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night!!  

Students should be signing up for Book Talks!!!  Book  Talks are due December 19th.  Scoring guides can be found online.

Late work practices

  • Late work accepted until mid-term and then again until the end of quarter
  • NOTHING turned in--zero
  • When you turn something in--50% is lowest you will get; highest is 70% at all grade levels for late work.  

 Mrs. Davis (4b/c Hour only)

Monday 1/8- Students continued to discuss our new vocabulary claim, evidence, and reasoning in class today.  We took guided notes and tried to solve a murder! Ask your child about this tonight!

Tuesday 1/9- Students were given the vocab for the rest of the year today.  These words are posted in quizlet on our Google Classroom.  Yes, there are many, but we will conquer them a few at a time!  We also reviewed and took notes over the argumentative writing process. 

Wednesday 1/10- Students will be completing 4 guided note cards a day to prepare for a vocabulary quiz (date yet to be determined for this).  Today student did reveiw of all words using Quizlet!  All students have access to this Quizlet through our Google classroom.  Have them show you how it works tonight!

Parents!  Please checkout my Google Classroom!  You can have your child log in to show you access and you all have limited access to my classroom to view grades and important information!  Need more info?  Email me and I will help you!

Click here for the Link to Mrs. Davis's Google Classroom!

Mrs. Davis 2nd hour only-
Monday 1/8- Students reviewed the 12 powerful words.  They also began to learn about the basics of Google Slides.

Tuesday 1/9- Students reviewed what the learned about Google Slides in class yesterday.  They learned how to insert pictures and started their presentation on the 12 powerful words.  Quiz over the 12 words is Friday!

Wednesday 1/10- Presentation work time and study time for 12 powerful words.

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