English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland:
March 19-23

Monday: 1st hour--Began reading "Hunger Games" in class; place total of 3 post-its about characterization for Katniss in novel pages 1-10
Pre-AP--read 20 minutes in choice novel tonight. On demand constructed response writing in class

Tuesday: 1st hour--Reading in class; setting and characterization Reading Responses due Friday
Pre-AP--"Why Do People Follow the Crowd?" article response (1 page) due Thursday

Wednesday: 1st hour--Reading responses (setting and 2 characterizations) due Friday
Pre-AP--"Why Do People Follow the Crowd?" article response due tomorrow

Thursday: 1st hour--Reading responses (total of 3) due tomorrow
Pre-AP--"Book Tasting" in class for science fiction novel. No homework

Friday:  1st hour--Reading responses due today. Read over Spring Break!
Pre-AP--Science Fiction book group novel handed out today. Reading assignment for Spring Break set by reading groups.

Mrs. Korba
March 12-16

Monday: Monday WOW Video, Library Check Out.  Complete RI Testing

Tuesday:  Read All Summer in a Day, four multiple choice questions, RCCR paragrapgh

Wednesday:  RCCR Paragraph; per edit

Thursday:   Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt; complete RCCR paragraph; study for vocabulary test.

  Vocabulary Test; compare and contract All Summer in a Day movie/text


Book Talks are due May 10th 

All students should be reading at least 20 minutes every night!!  

Late work practices

  • Late work accepted until mid-term and then again until the end of quarter
  • NOTHING turned in--zero
  • When you turn something in--50% is lowest you will get; highest is 70% at all grade levels for late work.  

 Mrs. Davis (4b/c Hour only)

Monday 3/19- FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions) sentence writing in class today. New Literature Circle Job for pages 76-150 due Friday. 

Tuesday 3/20- The Hunger Games chapters 7-8 review of FANBOYS sentences in class.  Literature Circle #2 is Friday!

Wednesday 3/21- We read through chapter 9 of The Hunger Games and up to page 135. We had the remaining time to work on literature circle jobs which are due Friday. 

Parents!  Please checkout my Google Classroom!  You can have your child log in to show you access and you all have limited access to my classroom to view grades and important information!  Need more info?  Email me and I will help you!

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Mrs. Davis 2nd hour only-
Monday 3/19- Fake or real news sources practice with real or fake articles from various websites.

Tuesday 3/20- Email Clean out.  Organizing emails and setting up folders.  Real or fake news stories identification. 

Wednesday 3/21- Good Drawings graphic organizer over fake vs. real news.

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