English Language Arts: Strickland, Korba, Davis

Mrs. Strickland: Dec. 10-14
Monday-- Pre-AP: Draft of Introductory Speech half way finished for Tuesday. Expository Terms Quiz on Wednesday

6/7 Hours: Write introduction and thesis statement for speech by Tuesday. Expository Terms Quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday-- Pre-AP: Full draft of speech finished for tomorrow. Expository Terms Quiz tomorrow.
6/7 Hours: Additional 1.5 paragraphs of body of speech by Wednesday. Expository Terms Quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday-- Pre-AP: Works Cited page for speech finished by Friday. Video of speech presentation due Monday.
6th/7th Hours: Finish entire draft of speech and have it timed (read aloud) by Thursday. Works Cited page due Friday.

Thursday--  Pre-AP: Work in class on presentation skills and filming speeches. Video of speech presentation due Monday. Works Cited page for speech due tomorrow.
6th/7th Hours: Works Cited page review in class; it is due tomorrow. Presentation skills practice in class. Presentation of speeches starts Monday.

Friday-- Pre-AP: Works Cited page due today (in Google Classroom). Video presentation of speech due Monday (in Google Classroom)
6th/7th Hours: Works Cited page due today (in Google Classroom). Presentations of speeches start on Monday.

Mrs. Korba
December 10-14th

Monday: Analyzing a speech on Google Classroom

Tuesday: Book Talks; Begin writing Q2 Introductory speech; practice recording speeches with Chrome Book.

Wednesday: Book Talks; continue working on introductory speeches; speeches will need to be 2-4 minutes in length

Thursday:  Book Talks; Q2 Introductory speeches and works cited page are due.  ALL Book Talks were to be completed by today.


ATTENTION!!!!      All students will be required to read  and take quizzes over 6 Mark Twain, Truman OR Gateway nominees. These are due March 4, 2019!


Students will be required to do a Book Talk every quarter.  There are sign up sheets in the classroom.  These are due Thursday, December 13th.  No exceptions!!

Please be sure your child has all the necessary supplies for 7th grade.  Thank you!

 Mrs. Davis (1st Hour only)

Monday 12/10- Students went over research techniques in class today.  Specifically, how to use the + sign to add to research searches.  They also had 10 minutes of study time on their vocabulary.  Quiz on vocabulary is on Friday. Students have all terms online and in their notes.  New Common Lit. assignment due 12/18  Inforaphic due 12/17.

Tuesday 12/11- More work time on infographics and Common Lit assignment.

Wednesday 12/12- In class Spelling Bee and Infographic work time.  
Due dates:
Friday: Vocab quiz over Q1 and Q2 terms
Monday: Infographic Due
Tuesday: Common Lit. Assignment due.

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Google account (look for the button!) and use their FHSD email credentials:

Example: Ldavis234@g.fhsdschools.org (first initial, last name, last 3 of lunch ID, and the extension).  Password is their computer password here at school!

Students should be reading 15 minutes a night to reach their goal of 3,000 minutes this school year.

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