Partnership School Award
                                           John Hopkins University

2016 NNPS Partnership Honoree

Francis Howell Middle was named a 2016 Partnership School. The Family and Community Engagement team and Howell Middle were recognized for their work with parent and community engagement. Specifically two practices were celebrated: Family Trivia Night and the Parent Survival Series. This is Howell Middle’s 3rd time to be honored with this national recognition.

​                                                 FACE award 2016

2014 NNPS Partnership Honoree

Francis Howell Middle School was a winner of a 2014 Partnership School Award from the National network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at John Hopkins University. This was our 2nd Partnership School Award. This is a national recognition of our school’s leadership in building a strong program of school, family, and community partnerships.

award presentation
Action Team (Left to Right):
Julie Oppermann, 2014-2015 PIT Chair, Darla Dobert, Leadership Team, Kirsteen James, Assistant Principal, Stephanie Mayse, 2011-2014 PIT Co-Chair, Dr. Ted Huff, Principal, Dr. Patti Lee, Assistant Principal, Christa Stockglausner, 2011-2014 PIT Co-Chair.

                                                     award presentation

2009 NNPS Partnership Honoree
Francis Howell Middle was named a 2009 Partnership School.